Taste Our Luscious Mouthwatering Cakes in Durgapur!
Order Delicious Cakes for Almost Every Occasion at Durgapur!
We Prioritize Quality with Taste, Try Cakes with No Artificial Colors at Durgapur!

Taste Our Luscious Mouthwatering Cakes in Durgapur, Online Cake Delivery in Durgapur, Free Home Delivery

Do you know which is the only place in Durgapur, where you can by Delicious Cake, Cookies and Sweets at never before price? If no, you’re just in the right place! Welcome to Indian Bakery your one-stop destination for mouthwatering delights and at never before prices! Shopping for Cakes has never been more easier! Now forget the times when you used to buy substandard cakes for more money. Try out our lovingly baked collection of cakes only at Durgapur! And know what? We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Our High-End Cake Delivery Services will Surprise You in Durgapur!

Want to order in a bulk for a surprise party? Want the order to be delivered in the shortest time possible? We’ll manage it for you! Not Kidding! Our highly efficient team is known to be the fastest delivery team in Durgapur! Plus we offer loads of other extra services and offers. Place your orders with us to enjoy:
 High Quality Delicious Products
 Egg/Eggless Cakes
 Fastest Doorstep Delivery throughout India
 24 hours along with Midnight Delivery
 Gift Wrapping Available
 Widest Range of Options for every occasion

Order Delicious Cakes for Almost Every Occasion at Durgapur!

Different Occasions demands different cakes to be served! And we specialize at providing you different unique varieties for your different occasions. Presenting to you our latest collection of cakes to rock your party! Our Unique Flavors Include Strawberry, Vanilla, Pineapple, Chocolate and Butterscotch among many many more! Not only that we take special care for baking cakes for special

Try out International design customized Wedding Cakes, Heart Shaped delights for your sweetheart at the Valentine’s Day, or Kid’s Special Cakes at your child’s Birthday! We’ll be delighted to serve you!

We Prioritize Quality with Taste, Try Cakes with No Artificial Colors at Durgapur!

Are you Vegan, hence afraid to try out cakes? Or you like many others decided to abandon cakes altogether for low-quality issues? Whatever may be the real reason it shouldn’t bother you from giving up cakes, should it?
We realized your issue and have brought to you our special Egg/Eggless Cakes! Now you can try out palatable cakes even if you’re a strict Vegetarian. Not only that our experienced team of Bakers bakes your cakes with utmost care and love! They make sure no artificial flavors or low quality material reach your dinner table.

Now Enjoy Midnight Cake Delivery in Durgapur!

Now satisfy your taste buds with our delicious cakes even at midnight! We actually care for you dear customer and we show our love through our work. Try out our most delicious cakes even at midnight. Thanks to our high-speed 24 hour service we’ve got your back even at midnight! There’s isn’t any other way other than us where you can get premium quality cakes at anytime you want! And we’ll be absolutely delighted to hear from you!
So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone, open up our website and choose from hundreds of options for the best cakes you want, anytime of the day!

The Trending Gift Option for the Next Generation in Durgapur!

Ever wondered how can you make your gift something special, amidst plethora of other gift items? You need to think creative in order to make an impact in any party! If this is the case, our Gift Combo is Just for you!

We are specialist in creating happiness and smiles and our cakes speak that for us! Gift the bride and groom the best cake they’ve ever tasted and make the moment absolutely memorable!
We’ll put in some extra beautifully packed Chocolate-Chip Cookies and few tasty sweets to make your gift a hit of the party! If you trust in us, we’ll make sure that our loved ones will be 100% satisfied! That’s on us! So when are you ordering next, huh?

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