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Celebrate the Victory Of the Great Goddess Durga Against the Mahisasura This Durga Puja with Great Chocolates and Cakes in Durgapur.

The rain filled monsoon season is almost over. The rainy puddles and the moist environment of the months of July and August have paved the way to the orange months of autumn. And this
season holds something really special for the people of India and especially West Bengal.

This is the season of Durga Puja. Each and every year when the pearly white and fluffy kaash flowers bloom in the womb of the lovely green fields of West Bengal, the heartbeats of every
Bengali seem to pace up a bit. Because they realize that their Pujo is nearby, and this puja is their Praner Pujo (Soul’s Festival)

Why does this Durga Puja is held so dear by the Bengalis? There are quite a lot of reasons. Maybe because it’s the only time when people shed their shadowy personalities and greet one
another like an old friend, with a smile that warms their hearts, Or perhaps it is only during Durga Puja when we get to hear the heart soothing tunes of Mahalaya sung by Birendra Krishna Bhadra played in every single household of West Bengal, And who can forget the melodious drum beats of the dhaakis whose sound is like a call to the upcoming festivities!

Durga Puja is special for each and every one. It is During this time when Goddess Durga descends to earth with her children: Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik, and Ganesh, to go to her father’s house.

Celebrate this special occasion with chocolates in Durgapur! Don’t you know where you can find them? DON’T WORRY! We can help you with that. We make delicious chocolates that can liven
up the mood of any party and occasion in Durgapur! Read till the end of the article to know why you should buy exceptional quality chocolates and awesome cakes just from us this Durga Puja!

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